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27th May 2018
Brands Hatch in:

The Team

The race truck driver of the UKT Racing team is Elton Boocock. He is father of three; Lara, Joel and Elicia.
Elton is the managing director of Urban Media, the Web Design and Internet Marketing Company; he also runs UK-Trucking.net and has a strong family background in the haulage industry.

Elton first encountered truck racing in November 2002. He first raced in April 2004 and started UKT Racing in September 2004. Since acquiring the current Seddon Atkinson, he has provided himself and consistently finishes in the top 3 of Class B. With a string of podium appearances, Elton is certainly a driver to watch. Coming back from a major (26” twisted chassis!) incident at the end of 2007 to finish 2nd in 2008, he earned the title of truck racing’s ‘stig’!
Elton is committed to presenting the team and the sport in the best way. One look at the team during any of the truck racing events that the race truck appears at, demonstrates their polished finish.

UKT Racing relies on a real team effort to stay on the track. Elton started the team with no mechanical knowledge and places this has a real benefit to their success. Being reliant on mechanics and crew is necessary and by having specialists in each field, there is plenty of opportunity for everyone to have a significant contribution.

Team Manager
- Barry Shadbolt

Barry has many years experience in arranging outside events for Blue Arrow. Barry and Elton met through the many attendances exhibiting at the UK’s Truckfest events. Elton knew that Barry was the perfect guy to keep the team prepared on the logistics side and it didn’t take much persuasion to get Barry on board.

- Allan Boocock - Joseph Boocock - Lara Boocock – Michael Boocock- Martin Williams

With a variety of experience covering a joint years total that we won’t publish! Experience is vital when decisions have to be made fast to ensure the truck stays on the track. Each team member has specific responsibilities. Lara Boocock (daughter of driver Elton) is picking up all the technical aspects that she can.

- Roger Shadbolt

Invaluable for keeping the camp operational during race weekends. A clean environment and looked after mechanics are able to work more efficiently. Whilst in public it is also important to promote our sponsors in the correct light. Having a dedicated caterer allows the team to work without interruption and the paddock area to remain efficient.

Elton Boocock

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